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Likuid Spaces: Latest addition to Colombo’s co-working spaces

Likuid Spaces is a new, innovative start-up venture that embodies the ideals of co-working spaces.

Embellished with themed rooms for gaming, board meetings or workshops, it is ideal for freelancers, entrepreneurs and start-ups to exercise creativity, network and grow, while maintaining a healthy and fun atmosphere to ensure one’s well-being. Likuid Spaces rents spaces for events and classes, along with handling all marketing related aspects of events in their spaces providing digital marketing solutions.

The demand for co-working spaces can be understood given the alternative of working in seclusion. Co-working spaces allow freelancers and entrepreneurs to be part of a community, which they could use to network and grow.

It fosters creativity and innovation with people of multiple disciplines, backgrounds and perspectives collaborating in one space. Co-working spaces have been proven to improve wellbeing.Likuid Spaces hosted their open day with gaming, workshops, as well as, popcorn, candy floss, yoga, and a deck with a delicious BBQ on the roast recently. It was open for all to discover an exciting and valuable co-working space and a day filled with festivities.

Co-working spaces were introduced to foster the needs of the growing freelance workforce in Silicon Valley’s expeditiously growing start-up community in the mid 2000s in San Francisco. The trend has proliferated to Europe, where it caters to 35 percent of the world’s freelancers, and Asia with 28 percent.

The popularity of co-working spaces in Asia is noteworthy, the trend taking hold in India, China, Singapore, Hong-Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam and the Philippines. Tech capitals with its legions of self-employed freelancers and entrepreneurs and lack of accommodations, find co-working spaces essential.