The Anime Prince | Page 2 | Sunday Observer

The Anime Prince

He smiles in front of the large gathering,
Waves his hand,
and bows,
Tears wet his beautiful eyes,
and make them glitter like gems.
He looks so fine,
but the pain inside-he keeps to himself.
He gets off the stage,
like a Royal Prince,
enduring all the pain inside him.
But sometimes,
he closes his eyes,
just to keep his pain only to himself.
For the crowd,
who are screaming his name with no pause,
he is just like an anime character.
They know only about his looks and his behaviour in front of them.
But there's so much they don't know,
about his inside.
Yet, he himself is a mere teenager,
who struggles to win his life.

Chamodi Peduruarachchi,
Grade 11F,
Sri Sumangala Girls’ School,