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Qualities of a good friend

A friend is a person who can understand the greatness of friendship. Friendship needs to be cherished and built over many years with much care. Friends come and go but a good friend remains forever. Good friends are good listeners. They laugh at the things we do and give honest advice. Friends are with us even if we are thousands of miles away. A good friend celebrates with us during our good times and sympathises during our times of sadness.True friends are always loyal. A good friend never betrays you. They would never talk about you behind your back or do anything else that questions your friendship. A friend is trustworthy. They will share all secrets with you and never tell your secrets to others.

A good friend should always be supportive at all times. A friend is a person we must be able to rely on for anything. We must be lucky to have good friends.


Reishma Farook,

Grade 5,

Muslim Ladies College,