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Moulding Polymaths: Lifelong love of learning

Naturalist intelligence could be described as being ‘Nature Smart.’ It is the ability to recognise varieties of trees and bushes and which of them provide food; to observe the clouds in the sky and know what weather is coming; to spot birds and butterflies

Every parent is keen to give their children the best start in life, positioning them for a lifelong love of learning, poised for success. If your child is to grab all the opportunities on offer, and make the best use of their talents and abilities, we have to engender a love of learning from a young age.

This is exactly what happens at Polymath College, Nawinna, Maharagama. The college has tailored the curricular to create a love of learning in their students from young age. Here, your child will enjoy our interactive programs developed to enhance their key school and life readiness skills, including critical thinking, communication and collaboration, as well as creativity and confidence.

Opportunity to explore the world

The school is not the only setting where your children can learn. The staff at our college, fire up the minds of the children to learn beyond the school walls. Children don’t need to be close to notebooks, whiteboards memorising history facts and solving math problems. Learning is an interactive process of analysing, questioning and discussing; learning is looking for new meanings and unique applications of knowledge in every situation.

Exposing your children to many meaningful experiences, Polymath College attempts to broaden their knowledge, improve early childhood education and create an awareness and appreciation that can’t be taught from a textbook. The College has classes from kindergarten to advanced level, in Sinhala and English mediums teaching local syllabus as well as Cambridge syllabus.

Creating smart minds

Polymath College takes every effort to make all students number smart, word smart and picture smart. Mathematical intelligence which uses numbers, math and logic will helps understand the patterns in our lives. People inclined towards logical-mathematical intelligence like to conduct experiments, to solve puzzles and other problems, to ask cosmic questions and analyse circumstances and people’s behaviour. A picture smart child tends to think in images and pictures. They are well aware of objects, shapes, colours, textures, and patterns in the surrounding environment. They like to draw, paint and make interesting designs and patterns and work with clay, construction paper and fabric.

Making a child word smart needs a range of social skills that are needed for effective person-to-person communication and relating. People with this intelligence learn through personal interactions.

They have lots of friends; show a great deal of empathy to other people and exhibit a deep understanding of other points of view. They love team activities of all kinds and are good team members. They are sensitive to other people’s feelings and ideas.

Polymath College believes that every child is capable and can achieve great heights if guided in a proper way in the early years of their lives.

Making a child Nature Smart

Naturalist intelligence could be described as being ‘Nature Smart.’ It is the ability to recognise varieties of trees and bushes and which of them provide food; to observe the clouds in the sky and know what weather is around; to spot birds and butterflies. In an age where iPad-armed children are found, the college unites the children with nature.

Polymath College has taken another step to train the children to shift their life-styles from unhealthy instant food to consume what they grow in home gardens. The college garden is adorned with lemons, snake gourd, cabbages, tomatoes and capsicums. You will find vegetables, fruits, greens grown around the school premises. There is also the Butterfly Garden where children learn to love every living being.

Affordable education and care

Polymath College has made education affordable for the middle class, especially, for children who could not enter government schools. The teachers conduct extra classes for students who need more attention, while Tamil, Yoga, Scrabble and Chess have been included in school within the school curriculum.

Polymath College provides additional backing for parents by maintaining a ‘Day Care Centre’. They take care of the children till 9pm on all 365 days which is a great relief for most working parents.

Future leaders

Principal Upali Gunasekera, former principal of Royal College Colombo, being a skilled administrator in the field of education, will prove his abilities in delivering the best for the students of Polymath College.

The qualified and dedicated staff of the College ensures that all students grasp what they are taught during school hours.

Seeking extra assistance after school is not needed. It offers the students of the College time for relaxation, reading or engaging in an extracurricular activity which makes them a complete human being.

Dose of culture

The College aims to create an international personality with Sri Lankan identity by broadening children’s horizons and creating lifelong interests, hobbies, and passions. `Learn to live’ is the motto of the College, and vision is to create an international personality with Sri Lankan identity.