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Lalkantha hits back

Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) Politburo member and trade unionist K.D. Lalkantha said a person has to adhere to the current social structure to demand for something better in society.

He was referring to the criticism levelled against him on social media recently for educating his child at a private higher education institute, at a trade union event in Colombo last week.

He said there was an attempt to develop an argument that the children of those fighting for free education in the country, cannot benefit from private education.

“They are trying to say that the children of those who fight for free education in the country cannot attend private educational institutions or international schools,” he said.

Citing an example from everyday life, Lalkantha said that a person who fights to protect the Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB) will nevertheless have to travel in private buses, if necessary.

“The same applies to the Constitution. While we may support the introduction of a new one, we should adhere to the current one in place,” he said.

“The next criticism is does Lalkantha have the money to afford private education,” he said, adding that politicians such as himself are not engaged in politics with the JVP as they are poverty stricken. “We also have land and other properties,” he said.

According to Lalkantha, certain people seem to think that the JVP members engaged in politics, cannot dress smartly or travel in vehicles.

“They criticise them, saying that the individual has a fancy taste but engages in discussions on socialism,” he said adding that they try to equate socialism to poverty. “Castro, Marx and Lenin were not beggars,” Lalkantha said, adding that activists must accept the existing social set up and continue their fight for freedom and their rights.

The daughter of JVP stalwart, K.D Lalkantha graduated this year having attended a private educational institution specialising in construction technology.

While pictures from the convocation held on December 7 surfaced this week, the politician’s decision to educate his offspring at a private institute drew criticism on social media from various parties.