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Sicario 2

The 2018 film Sicario 2 is directed by Stefano Sollima and the screenplay is by Taylor Sheridan. It stars Benicio del Toro as Alejandro Gillick, Josh Brolin as Matt Graver, Isabela Moner as Isabel Reyes and Catherine Keeneras Cynthia Foards.

The film begins in contemporary United States with the bombing by terrorists. The US government suspects that Isis terrorists who were smuggled in through the Mexican border by Mexican drug cartels are responsible for the bombing, and enlists agent Matt Graver to start a war between the cartels in order to disrupt the smuggling. Graver suggests to his bosses that the daughter of the drug lord be kidnapped in order to start a war between the cartels. Graver enlists Alejandro Gillick who has personal reasons for taking revenge on Reyes, the leader of a cartel, because he ordered the killing of his wife and family.

The daughter of Reyes named Isabel is first shown in her school physically assaulting another student because she verbally abused her. While on her way home after school Isabel is kidnapped by Gillick and Graver. Things go awry and Isabel escapes and Graver’s bosses order him to terminate the mission and kill Gillick and Isabel in order to eliminate evidence of their involvement. Graver contacts Gillick and tells him to kill Isabel but Gillick refuses and goes to a great extent to protect her. Graver dispatches a squad to hunt down Gillick and Isabel in Mexico. Gillick and Isabel try to cross the border disguised as illegal immigrants.

Sicario 2 is based on the current political situation between the US and Mexico, and Benicio del Toro and Isabela Monergive good performances, but the film is not as good as its prequel Sicario which featured Emily Blunt in a very good performance. Another drawback of Sicario 2 is the excessive violence and brutality in the film.