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Trinity College and Mahela displeased over too much cricket

23 December, 2018
Mahela Jayawardene
Mahela Jayawardene

Principal of Trinity College Andrew Fowler-Watt and former Sri Lanka cricket captain Mahela Jayawardene have shown their displeasure over what they say is the excessive number of matches played by schoolboys.

The remarks were made at the launch of what was the Mahela-Sangakkara trophy to be presented to the winners of the Nalanda-Trinity inter school match this season.

Fowler-Watt was not present at the trophy unveiling but his message was read out by the school’s deputy principal Ananda Marasinghe at the Sinhalese Sports Club in Colombo on Thursday.

“I wish the school season did not last so long as the boys’ academic studies and A Levels are compromised so much. Playing 20 or more competitive games in a season lasting eight months really is too much.

“We need to remember that not many of those playing school cricket will ever make a living out of the game. And very, very few will achieve the international success and fame of Kumar and Mahela. Dreams are wonderful to have, but they need to be tempered with reality. School cricketers really need to fulfill their academic as well as their sporting potential,” Watt’s statement said.

According to Watt, it is the current inter-school League structure where teams play for a trophy and not the traditional games that is in question.

He also questioned whether the “smaller schools” gain anything by being thrashed by the privileged schools in so-called tournament matches.

Mahela Jayawardene agreed with Watt and said that he as a member of the Nalanda College Development Committee was happy to note that his school has reduced the number of matches to 16.

“I too believe that playing so many matches is not healthy for the students. We also believe in quality not quantity,” declared Jayawardena.