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The Irish themed restaurant an instant must

TripSwitch  (Pix: Ranjith Asanka)
TripSwitch (Pix: Ranjith Asanka)

Fancy dining at an Irish themed restaurant without having to hop on a flight? Then the new spot in Colombo 05 is just the place for you.

The Four Leafed Clover- signifying faith, hope, love and luck- is a six-month old restaurant which has an enchanting touch of Irish tradition, while offering Irish food with a Sri Lankan fusion.

The menu consists of comfort foods, mock tails and coffee which are relatively cheaper than in most coffee hubs in the city. This could be the reason why the spot has instantly garnered a loyal clientele of young professionals. Understanding their needs the restaurant has necessary charging portals, comfortable seating and thoughtful lighting.

The design of the Restaurant is quite unique too. The spiral stairway that is located towards the middle of the restaurant leads to the first floor and the rooftop that offers a magnificent view of the city.

What stands out the most, of the design, is the Irish themed mural that takes up a large portion of the wall to the floor. The mural which is a creation of artist Geshany Balder has its own story to say and it goes like this- one day a Viking ship is destroyed in a storm. The Viking Lord survives and manages to swim to an island where he meets a goddess or a mystical figure that helps him rebuild life. The island is none other than Ireland. The mural is decorated with Celtic symbols for success and power.

The symbols seem to have worked their magic as the restaurant is already a popular place for work, hangouts, and parties, we are told, especially hen parties.

The inspiration to start this restaurant derives from fond memories. “We have travelled to Ireland and thought it will be great to start this business with those memories as the basis,” Hashanthi Wijewardana, its Managing Director, told the Youth Observer.

She aimed to have a theme and spectacular decor to match the food and it has worked out.

“We are very heavy on meat. We get really good comments on our perfectly cooked steaks,” Hashanthi said and she wasn’t lying. The Pub Style Steak she recommended was done well, soft and flavorful. They offer a relatively large portion making it absolutely great for the price.

“Our steaks are all imported. When we buy locally we buy the best and only fresh meat.

And of course we have the best fish in our island. So, everything we have here is simply the best,” the Managing Director added.

The restaurant will soon launch a Coffee Menu that will sport food items, relatively smaller than that of the main menu, for a lower price.

Entertained by young magicians

The Four Leafed Clover is not your average restaurant. It is really well designed and planned to keep all restaurant-goers entertained.

If you go to the Clover on a Friday and Saturday you will be absorbed into the enigmatic world of two young close-up magicians. Kavishka and Binal who operate under the name Deadspades and are a real treat. They will keep you occupied till your food is served or as you devour.

Lulled by island grooves

During the weekend the Four Leafed Clover is a lively spot.

It has everything a client would ask for from great food to great music.

The musical duo Trip Switch also performs at the restaurant.

Their acoustic versions of popular and highly selective songs makes a great combo with the ambiance the spot attempts to capture.

Speaking to the Youth Observer, Kavindu of TripSwtich said they just walked into the restaurant one day and offered to play.

Kavindu and his fellow band mate Deshith are two musicians who met accidently after being apart for several years and decided to form a band.

Now they perform in venues such as Asylum and O Mirissa Cafe & Bistro.

The duo is sometimes accompanied by Previn who plays the cajón.