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Mary Poppins Returns

Savoy Premier, Rajagiriya was opened to the public with the exclusive screening of Mary Poppins Returns recently.

Mary Poppins Returns is the sequel of 1964 live-actions classic, Mary Poppins.

The film is set to be a cinematic delight with nostalgia at its best for everyone who grew up watching the first Mary Poppins movie. The movie was brought to life by director Rob Marshall in a well calculated manner encapsulating the quintessence of Mary Poppins. Emily Blunt delivers a dazzling performance as Mary Poppins. In general, every character and every sequence in the new film echoes a character or a sequence from the old one while the director has come up with inspired variations on the familiar themes.

EAP Films and Theatres, a wholly-subsidiary of Ben Holdings unveiled Savoy Cinemas with the launch of Mary Poppins Returns a day prior to the global release of the movie. The launch of Savoy premier, Rajagiriya located at the Janajaya city complex was the first step towards introducing the “Savoy experience” as Sri Lanka’s leading Entertainment Company.

A foreign model who portrayed the role of Mary Poppins made the premier party extra interesting.