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Tune into Natalia

Natalia Rudenko  Pic: Ruwan de Silva
Natalia Rudenko.Pic: Ruwan de Silva

No! Rap is not on her radar. Natalia Rudenko who hails from Ukraine enjoys singing songs that are melodious in tunes. To her rap sounds strange!

Her repertoire stretches from blues, folk, jazz, pop and she sings in Italian, French, Spanish and of course English. And if by some slim chance you are wondering where she performs, let me clue you in. She is featured at The Lattice at The Taj Samudra – and take a tip from me don’t miss her performance, catch her act tonight; you won’t regret it.

It was refreshing talking to Natalia Rudenko the other day. First time in Sri Lanka, Natalia endorses that she enjoys singing to Sri Lankan music fans. “Before I came out here I was performing at the Feramonte Hotel in Dubai and also at the Arman Hotel in Bahrain. My first professional performance was in Spain at the Restaurant Roselle. You won’t believe me, but I was nervous. I have never sung to a Spanish audience. I didn’t know what they wanted in music, I wasn’t used to a Spanish audience, but I went through it successfully, judging from their appreciative applause”, reveals Natalia.

So how did it all begin for you, this business of being a professional singer?

“I went to a singing school when I was young and studied music. I acquired a Diploma in music, it was a four-year course and I have an extensive knowledge of Ukrainian folk songs and of course as I told you earlier I’m well versed in Italian, French Spanish and music of the Classical composers”. Now I have a good agent who gives me interesting contracts”.

You hail from Ukraine apart from classical composers who are the singers you enjoy listening to and who have influenced you in the world of pop, blues, jazz and folk?

“I like music that’s entertaining and I enjoy Elvis Presley, Mariah Carey, Stevie Wonder, Celine Dion, Ella Fitzgerald, Edith Piaff to name a few. I have a repertoire of about 300 songs. You ask me what my favourite song is, let me tell you it’s ‘Moon River’. Rap sounds strange to me. I enjoy songs with melodious tunes.”

Being a full time singer do you have any other interests?

“Yes I’m a fashion designer as well in Ukraine and recently before I came out, fashioned cocktail dresses in silk and lace that were well received.”

No doubt Natalia Rudenko has plenty of inborn flair and skill whether it be in singing or in fashion designing. So we are sure that in this phase of her career, and where she will go next, she has the capacity to open up a whole new world for music lovers.

In the meantime, although the New Year is into its sixth day, here’s wishing all our music loving readers the best for 2019!