LB Finance’s Mission Thuru Wawamu targets 50,000 trees | Sunday Observer

LB Finance’s Mission Thuru Wawamu targets 50,000 trees

LB Finance PLC will plant and maintain 50,000 trees by 2021, to mark its 50th anniversary, under its ‘Mission Thuru wawamu, 50-50 Thousand’ , to curb deforestation, given the alarming decrease of forest cover (from 36% to 29%) over the past two-and-a-half decades. This deforestation has adversely affected the earth, causing global warming and taking away wildlife habitats, a media release stated.

Recognising the need for a sustainable solution, LB Finance PLC realised that adding trees would be most beneficial, negating the adverse effects of deforestation and helping to purify the air and cool the ground.

LB Finance PLC has already planted 18,000, and encourages the public also to plant trees.People can now share the progress of the trees they plant, through the mobile app ‘Thuru’, which is available on Google Play and Apple Store, where they can register the plant and upload pictures as the trees grow.

Those who do so will also find that their deposit balance also grows, with ‘LB Yasaisuru’ fixed deposits , which gives a bonus interest for citizens planting and maintaining trees.

LB Finance PLC, which was honoured with the Janabhimani Gawrawa Uththama Sewa Award at the Janabhimani honorary annual awards ceremony 2018 organised by All Ceylon Independent Media Organisation (in recognition of its work in sustainability and commitment to the planet), will ensure that these trees are well taken care of, and hopes that the public will join the initiative, the release added.