As babyhood recedes | Sunday Observer

As babyhood recedes

Almost a dream,
The innocent bundle of joy
Nestled in her mother’s arms.
Chubby little hands and fingers,
Cute small feet, not strong enough to stand,
Changed so much with the passing years,
Fingers now slender, busy at the computer,
Lap top, guitar,
Sending emails to those afar.
The once tiny feet, wearing ballet shoes,
Performing on stage, breath-taking,
In beautiful attire.
A fashionable ‘Miss’ slim and tall,
Loving, affectionate, helpful to all.
Ten years have fled, you’ll be eleven soon,
Reaching new milestones, looking ahead,
Wishes on your birthday, from Athammi -
May your feet carry you gently
Where sunshine lights the way,
With happiness, laughter, carefree and gay.
Though over the seas, and miles apart,
A world of peace and contentment,
Is wished from my heart.

- Rupa Wijesinghe