Hang on anger | Sunday Observer

Hang on anger

a strong feeling of displeasure  
evoking in human mind  
an unwholesome-awesome trait  
is connoted in simple terms  
as losing temper of a person  
that makes the mind hotter  
bringing disastrous effects  
causing more and more clashes  
among the masses.  
One who speaks  
harsh, filthy words  
that hurt the minds of others  
is consequent to anger  
that makes man a monster.  
Among intellects,  
anger is controlled by them  
by using their intellect power  
to seek peace of mind.  
In the final analysis,  
taking the Buddha’s advice  
that goes  
as follows  
to get rid of this danger of anger  
harbouring in human minds  
to attain solace and appeasement  
is a final solution.  
“By not letting your mind be polluted  
by evil thoughts towards the person  
who has wronged or hurt you. The anger  
you harbour in your mind does you more  
damage than to the other person. Therefore,  
cultivate a life of joy and love, even  
while living among the hateful.”  
- Ajith Karunarathna