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First Prize


A book which I read recently is Titan written by Rick Riordan. It is a story about how Percy and his friends discover Westover Hall. They detect that the principal of Westover Hall, Dr. Thorn, is a Manticore. The demi gods were taken to the woods by Dr. Thorn, but Percy and his friends blast his plan with the unthinkable help of the Goddess Artemis and her fellow hunters.

But Annabeth was taken to the general simply known as Atlas by the Manticore. The hunters and demigods were sent to Camp half-blood by a quick ride from Apollo. Then they go on a quest to save Annabeth and the Goddess Artemis who went on a hunt all by herself. Can Percy and his crew save Annabeth and Artemis? Read the book to find what happens next.


Pasindu Weerakkody,

Grade 9,

Royal International School, Kurunegala.