Unseen gloom | Sunday Observer

Unseen gloom

Marvellous gifts from Santa Claus
Everyone enjoys with snow glows, but the
Rude cold and the wind blows, insist 'them' to,
Repent, and
Yell for 'their mother, not the gauudy dolls.
Covering their skelatal bodies, with rags
Hollow stomachs, beg for food, even a 'snack'
'Ragamuffins' are 'nothing' for 'them', blinded with pounds
Ignoring 'them', but sing carols as 'white pals'
Scattered hopes and broken hearts
This is the time, to give your hands
May be 'you' can give
A 'precious gift', that 'they' couldn't receive from
Santa Claus!

Navodya Hansani Attanayake,
Grade 13 G,
Central College,