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Press the Reset Button for 2019

As we end a fabulous 2018 with massive swifts and growth changes, challenges and victories, let us prepare ourselves for an awesome New Year, which is bound to usher in a lot of unprecedented opportunities into our lives as well as in the lives of our loved ones. To get the best out of 2019, we need to press the reset button to ensure minimum baggage and maximum flexibility.

We have limited time, wealth, resources and energy. The most important among them is time. Time cannot be stored up and saved for a rainy day. Pressing the reset button enables us to wisely invest our time in relationships, professions and projects that have timeless value and significance.

What does it mean to press the reset button?

You might wonder, what does it mean to press the reset button? In this era of technology, all of us perform more like high resolution sensitive communication devices. We keep attracting Apps that become outdated in less than a year. Nefarious negative viruses get into our systems that either threaten to slow down or destroy our lives. Then, there are so many issues that get accumulated during a year and need to be dealt with. If they remain, they will clog, disrupt and take the sap out of the good awaiting to happen in the new year.

No wonder, we make new year resolutions, yet they wane out within a short span of months and we find ourselves in the same old rut, doing the same old things that we know we should not be doing, which are injurious to our lives and communities. Research points out that only 8% of New Year resolutions are kept. So, pressing the reset button actually deals with the negatives that undermine our New Year resolutions and help begin life a fresh.

How to make lasting New Year resolutions

Ask your inner-self what are the areas you ought to concentrate on and master this year to take you closer to your goals. Ponder on those questions even as you go to bed and give your inner conscience an opportunity to answer through dreams, promptings and inner urgings.

Then, decide on three or four areas basing it on your inner promptings and go to work on them with clarity of vision. Usually, it would take about a year or more to master one area.

So, remind yourself that you are in this long haul, and put together a practical action plan to make those goals a reality. Pressing the reset button also means seeking counsel from experts who have made a mark in those areas where you are looking for mastery. They should be living models able to demonstrate success in those areas you are looking for capacity building.

80/20 Rule

It is a good investment to participate in workshops and seminars facilitated by these experts. You may also want to invest in tools such as, books and videos that could help you speed up the realization of whatever you are pursuing. Finally, pressing the reset button helps activate the 80/20 rule in our lives. It helps to identify and focus on the 20 percent of relationships, customers, social investments and projects that would bring in the 80 percent of our results, profits, benefits and happiness.

Edison is an amazing role model as a person who stayed focused despite tremendous odds, who knew how to invest his time on worthy projects and someone who believed in listening to his inner voice.

For example, he experimented with perfecting the light bulb over 6,000 times before he ultimately met with victory. Someone asked him whether he wasted so many precious hours doing all those experiments. Edison replied saying, he found out 6,000 different ways how not to do it and counted all those hours as real investment into his project.

How easily we give up after doing a particular task three or four times, when it meets with failure? In 2019, let us not give up but be keen in perfecting and optimizing our performance. As a nation, we are at the brink of some major breakthroughs. We are about to give birth to new systems, structures and processes. The old order has to give way to the new. The new is coming in like a massive tsunami tidal wave. If we would listen to our inner selves then we will be able to make inventions and creations like Thomas Alva Edison that will put Sri Lanka on the global map again.

Times of growth and change

You can play a part in this movement of growth and change that is sweeping across this nation. Sri Lanka will live again! Sri Lanka will show forth the way to the rest of the Asia Pacific in many key areas. Sri Lanka is well on its way to becoming an economic hub that all of us can be proud of. Yet, you are a vital key in this movement. If you are above 50, this is the moment that you have been waiting for. If you are less than 50, aim high, because these are crucial times when you will be charting your life course for the next 30 years or more! Press the reset button, tap into your true identity and do something new and innovative in 2019!