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Snow volleyball set to make its family mark at Olympics

It was in 1895 that at Holyoke In America that Willam J. Mogan intiated volleyball by the name of Mintonate which was subsequently that Prof. A.T Hulstet of the YMCA who reverted to Volleyball instead of Mintonate.

In 1947 Volleyball was recognized by the FIVB in Paris that resulted in the formation of the International Volleyball Federation. The first World Men’s Volleyball Championship was held in Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1947 and the first World Women’s Volleyball Championship was held in 1952 in Moscow – Russia and subsequently introduced to the Olympics Games as a Sport in 1964 in Tokyo, Japan. It was in 1930 that Beach Volleyball was introduced as a segment of the Volleyball Family at St. Monica Beach – California and the First Match was held in Paliset Beach – California in 1976. Thereafter 221 countries affiliated to the FIVB popularized Beach Volleyball resulting in it being recognized in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics as an Official Olympic Sport.

A new sport was introduced to the Volleyball Family called “Snow Volleyball” where the Rules and Regulation are very similar to Beach Volleyball. It will be in 2022 that it will be introduced to the Winter Olympic Games as a Official Sport.