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Cheers 2019!

It’s a brand new year. Flashback to 2018 and think how far we have accomplished our goals and targets, the changes we made, the people who came into our lives, the things we left behind and the best and the worst things that ever happened to us. Let’s leave our worries behind. year 2019 is here!

Youth Observer met with some friends who shared their thoughts on rocking 2019. Meet Dilini, Shashi, Madhusha, Danu, Senali, Aroshi, Lasindu and Samudrika with their inspiring stories.


The year 2019 is going to be a fresh start for me. As I planned in 2018, I was able to shift into a new working environment. Even though I couldn’t complete 100% of my goals I still consider 2018 a successful year. I was able to participate in extracurricular activities in the university which was a major goal. I performed at university musical shows as a guitarist.

Being a member of the university badminton team, I participated in inter university badminton competitions. I took part in dress designing competitions and won several awards. I will initiate my youtube channel of guitar cover songs early in 2019. The idea of creating a Fashion Blog will be put into motion in the beginning of March. Mid year I hope to go abroad in order to pursue a degree in Dress Designing and I’m pretty sure I’m gonna have a terrific 2019. Happy New Year folks!

Aroshi and Lasindu

For us 2018 was a year of challenges, because we both were students who had many challenges to face. The year 2017 was about education and in the latter part of 2018 we established ourselves in our jobs. In 2019 we are planning to register for our master’s degrees and plan to purchase land to build our house. Yes, we’ve plans for the whole year. It is gonna be a joyous one as we are tying the knot in August. So for us, 2019 is a year full of hope. Whatever happens, we are ready to face it together. Be good to us 2019!


The year 2019 is going to be a very exciting and busy year for me. I plan to start studying French as it’ll be good to have on my resume once I complete my Bachelor’s degree and apply for a job. Also I have a few exciting novels to read during the coming semester. Another goal is to visit home more often to stay with my family and support my sister during her exams. Happy New Year everybody!


Of course 2018 was a bit tough on me. I was overloaded with academic work. I’m glad I just ended a stressful year. The good news is that I start 2019 with my convocation. It feels great to have achieved this long-term goal of mine. The other goals achieved were: being able to travel around the country with my friends and succeeding in completing my diploma in IT. Also I was able to maintain that inner peace that is essential to work in pressurised environments. The goals that didn’t work are losing weight, plus reading. I will strive to achieve these this year. I also plan to do my masters and to teach Advanced Level Economics to school children commencing this month. Marriage is not on my list. I guess I must wait for the perfect mate.

Super New Year Guyz!


Time flies so fast. I can’t believe 2018 is over. For me it was an amazing year. It is a year which made me stronger. It is a year where I had to struggle a lot. Of course I achieved many of my goals. I completed my degree and now I’m a lecturer in the University of Wayamba and a visiting lecturer in the University of Sabaragamuwa. These are the two major outcomes of my hard work in 2018. I also overcame the fear of travelling alone. I consider this my biggest victory. Getting my driving licence, that’s number one on my bucket list for 2019. I will be busy with lecturing and have plans to spend my time meaningfully. So I have prepared a time schedule to make it easy. I have a savings plan too on my list so that I will be able to have a stable future. Happy 2019!


Before walking into a new year, I usually review the past year, because it’s my best teacher. I learn from my mistakes so I’ll never repeat them. Yeah, 2018 was a spiritual year for me. I was spiritually awakened. Apart from studies I had the intention of studying Buddhism. I achieved that target. Not only did I learn Buddhism, I gained inner peace and became light hearted. This I consider as one of my biggest achievements as it changed my life in a positive way. I also learned how travelling heals the mind, erasing all the stress away. It was an unforgettable year of experiences and memories.

In 2019 I will welcome more challenges, adventures and opportunities. It will make me stronger, courageous, enthusiastic, daring and adventurous. All the best for 2019!


My motto for 2019 is ‘explore and experience’. The year 2019 is special for me because, this year I will let myself step out of my comfort zone. I will travel all around China by myself where I hope to connect with new communities. The goal of my travelling is to create a travel blog to support my future career. I also hope to write a book on my experiences while travelling. In addition I have plans to improve my mental state by doing yoga and meditation which are actually the best ways to relax the mind. With all these wishes and hopes, I’m saying hi to 2019, as I consider it a great opportunity to restart in a new way. HAPPY NEW YEAR!