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Musical stars in fund raiser

Ever since he launched his musical career with the Galaxies in Kandy, a group led by the well known Stanley Peiris, way back in 1976, Keerthi Pasquel has been on a successful musical journey that has earned him popularity no end. His fans call him ‘the balladeer with a velvety voice’. Very rightly so.

And what’s more he is equally at home in Sinhala songs as well as in English hits. He is no stranger on the Sri Lankan stages as well as abroad and as a point of interest his first Sinhala song was Neela Ahasey Senda Wala. Today Keerthi Pasquel is also involved in a wide range of charity projects.

Come Saturday January 26, Keerthi Pasquel in association with the Health Circle Foundation has organised a musical show with a galaxy of singers which will be held at the BMICH. The show is being held to raise funds for the Health Circle for the very important project of commencing Bone Marrow transplant for those who are suffering from cancer in association with the Kotelawala Defence Hospital.

According to Dr. Jayantha Balawardena who addressed the media the project will cost 400 million rupees and besides the monies from the musical show, donations from the audience as well as the public will be greatly appreciated.

To come back to the musical show Keerthi Pasquel has gone to lengths to make it exciting for the audience. “I am very happy to tell you that a large number of singers have readily given their consent to participate.

The list is long! They are Annesley, Corinne, Victor Ratnayake, T.M. Jayaratne, Edward Jayakody, Rukantha and Chandralekha, Mariazelle, Janaka Wickramasinghe, Samitha Mudunkotuwa, Kasun Kalhara, Mihindu Ariyaratne, myself and who knows many others may join in for such a worthy cause”.

The music is by Shruthi, led by Kasun Pasquel and Tissera Bandara and bringing the whole together will be the compere Kalun Srimal. That’s not all! There’s a feast for the eyes with dancing items, choreographed by Channa Wijewardene. And now here comes a surprise! The special guest will be Pooja Umashanker – need I say more!

If you need further clarification. Keerthi and the Health Circle invite you to contact 0775347121 or 0717376565 for your tickets or for donations.

There’s no doubt that many will patronise the concert, the funds for which will go towards commencing bone marrow transplant that is a vital necessity in Sri Lanka.

Pix by Shan Rambukwella