HNBA Group steps into second year of ‘Vision 2020’ | Sunday Observer

HNBA Group steps into second year of ‘Vision 2020’

HNB Assurance PLC (HNBA) and its fully owned subsidiary, HNB General Insurance Limited (HNBGI), welcomed the new year with a ceremony where Managing Director/CEO, Deepthi Lokuarachchi and the EXCO outlined the deliverables and outcomes that are part of its ‘Vision 2020’ which has been crafted with the sole aim of setting new benchmarks and standards in the industry and visions for reaching new milestones on its journey.

Managing Director/CEO of HNBA and HNBGI, Deepthi Lokuarachchi said, “2018 has been a challenging year across the industry. Despite several external market challenges, HNBA Group upheld its market share to yield a considerable growth during the year. Several collective key decisions were made for the betterment of the industry as well as to adapt to the changing landscape of the Sri Lankan insurance industry”.

“Insurance as a key industry in the financial services market is a significant contributor to the well-being of individuals and businesses. The needs of individuals and businesses keep changing and it is important for our core business model to adapt to these changes to understand and cater to the needs of people and businesses.

“‘Vision 2020’ was engineered considering all these aspects and it focuses in delivering superior returns to all internal and external stakeholders of the Group in a revolutionary, sustainable and responsible manner through a revolution in its people, processes and products. The Group envisions setting new benchmarks in growth, customer service, employee and advisor satisfaction, efficiency, shareholder value creation and ethical conduct,” he said.

Following the introduction of the segregation rules by the Insurance Regulator, HNB General Insurance Limited (HNBGI) was created and commenced its operations in January 2015.

Deepthi Lokuarachchi