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Final decision to be taken on SLFP dissidents

The Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) hierarchy will take a final decision on dissenting electoral party organisers following a discussion, General Secretary of the party, Dayasiri Jayasekara said. “We will inquire if they wish to remain in the party prior to making a decision,” he said adding that if the organisers attempt to create a rift within the party, steps will be taken against them.

According to Jayasekara, the SLFP is willing to retain them, if they are committed to ensure the party’s victory and refrain from organising rebellious groups to destroy the party.

However, despite his claims almost 30 organisers of the SLFP were barred from attending the party organisers’ meeting on Friday. “We asked them to refrain from attending the meeting,” Jayasekara said.

SLFP district organiser for the Kesbewa electoral seat, Attorney-at-Law Rajika Kodithuwakku condemned the statement by the party’s General Secretary.

“They should first take action against those who left the SLFP to join the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna first,” he said and added that he along with the others had neither left nor created a rift within the party. He said they are only attempting to bring the SLFP back to its fold. He said they were not invited for the meeting though the dissenting group members have not been removed from their party organiser positions as yet.

The group led by Kodituwakku which includes SLFP stalwart and former Mayor of Kaduwela G.H Buddhadasa have been continuously voicing their dissent against the possible SLFP and SLPP tie-up. Kodituwakku said despite the threats, the group will continue its struggle. “Many other organisers in the party are set to join us in the near future,” he said.

Jayasekara said extensive discussions were held at Friday’s electoral organisers’ meeting on the party’s restructuring to be launched at electoral level. The electoral organisers were briefed as to how this restructuring program should be carried out in their electorates. He said that the SLFP and SLPP are continuing their discussions to face future elections as a possible coalition. “Our intention is to form a broad political alliance together with the SLPP and other political parties to face future elections,” he said.