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As briefly discussed last week, we now know that cadetting is not all about hard physical training. Its curriculum is far more than physical training, which is frequently thought of as cadetting.

The curriculum includes, map reading, first aid, ethics, drug control, health and hygiene, motivational speaking and personality development, land strategies, leadership and a concert that showcases the cadets' aesthetic talents. This comprehensive soft skills development program leads to forming a responsible citizen.

During training, the teenagers get the opportunity to have a better understanding about future careers and their requirements.

Presently, society has a negative mindset about vocational training even though it has an immense demand at local and international level. The cadets are exposed to valuable information which will be vital in shaping their future.

Life ethics such as punctuality, tolerance, patience, respecting others, listening to others' opinions are also inculcated in them by this curriculum.

Tunnel passing, monkey ladder, athura, sky ladder, tyre barrier, pole balancing , foot bridge (edanda) crossing, six foot wall, zigzag tyre barrier, tarzan rope are some of the physical training exercises which help develop self-confidence in a cadet.


The ending of the three decade war on terrorism gave us another opportunity to establish a sustainable reconciliation among various ethnicities. The National Cadet Corps (NCC) also contributes towards this endeavour, taking different approaches.

Establishing cadet corps in Northern and Eastern schools is one such step. By doing so, future generations in war affected areas also obtain the same privileges as the students in the south. The NCC has already conducted one-day training programs in many locations in the North including Mullaitivu, Kilinochchi and Mannar.

At the annual cadet camp in Rantambe, cadets from all parts of the island receive a life time opportunity to meet their counterparts from other areas of the country. Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim students share the same camp site to build up life time friendships.

Hermann Loos Challenge Cup

This challenge cup was presented to the NCC (then the Ceylon Cadet Battalion) by Hermann Loos, a senior district judge of Ceylon. The coveted cup was presented to the best all round platoon of senior division cadets of the Ceylon Cadet Battalion.

Hermann Loos was an old boy of S. Thomas College, Mt. Lavina and Royal College, Colombo.

Kingswood College, Kandy succeeded in winning the very first Hermann Loos Challenge Cup in 1917. Winning this precious cup has been considered a great honour to the battalion as well as the school. Ananda College, Colombo has succeeded in winning this trophy the most times (17). St Sylvester College, Kandy was the winner last year.

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Special thanks- NCC HQ