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Above 35,​ academic Doctor professional is sought by B/​K educated parents for their daughter PhD Lecturer University in New Zealand. She is 35,​ 5’3” very fair slim & young looking & pretty,​ up to bachelors studied in Sri Lanka. Send family details & horoscope. j​a​y​a​s​u​d​g​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Absolutely attractive Sinhalese rich lady 49 seeks very healthy divorcee. 0112289578. t​a​n​r​a​n​m​a​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Academically and professionally qualified Christian partner (any denomination),sought by parent(mixed marriage burgher-Muslim) for their 33yr old 5 8" son who is well educated marine navigator (chief officer) working for a reputed company please reply with details email [email protected]

Academically and professionally qualified Govi Buddhist partner below 30Y is sought by respectable Buddhist parents from Colombo suburbs for their kind hearted, fair, attractive daughter. Respects family values. Outgoing personality. unblemished character. 24Y 5’1” Non-malefic Horoscope. Educated in a leading girls school in Colombo, BSc Management graduate from UCD. Currently employed as a senior executive in a Leading UK based company in Colombo. Please reply with full details and copy of horoscope in first communication. [email protected]

Academically and professionally qualified handsome and well-mannered son from Colombo suburbs is sought by Buddhist Karawa retired Executive father and mother from Colombo for their 1991 born 5’2” BBA degree,​ CIMA qualified fair attractive slim pretty daughter employed as an Executive in a reputed company in Colombo. Reply with family details and horoscope. p​r​o​p​o​s​9​5​4​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Academically and professionally qualified partner is sought by B/​K Engineer parents for MBBS doctor daughter 1992 November,​ height 5’. Same or Govi castes. Reply with family details,​ telephone numbers. m​a​n​g​a​l​a​y​o​j​a​n​a​2​0​1​5​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Academically and professionally qualified partner is sought by parents living in Canada for their daughter born in 1987,​ 5’3” pretty well-mannered. She is currently employed in healthcare field. She holds Bachelor of Nursing Science Degree,​ and Bachelor of Science degree from prestigious university. Please reply with family details and horoscope. Reply email - r​a​m​a​n​i​r​o​s​e​0​4​9​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Academically and professionally qualified partner preferably living in U.S.A.,​ sought by Buddhist parents U.S.A. for their daughter born in 1990,​ 5’8” height,​ fair complexion,​ brought up according to Sinhala Buddhist values,​ academically qualified,​ B.Sc - IT graduate,​ employed at a bank. Please reply with fully family details and contact number. p​j​a​y​2​0​1​7​@​y​a​h​o​o​.​c​o​m​

Academically and professionally qualified partner sought by Govigama B/​C parents for only child attractive accomplished kind-hearted and down to earth. Born 1980 educated mostly abroad graduated and postgraduated from highly prestigious university abroad. Was employed in Sri Lanka and abroad. Presently employed abroad. Will inherit substantial assets. Please reply giving family details and contact numbers. Email: t​i​t​y​v​o​n​e​@​h​o​t​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Academically and professionally qualified son is sought by Colombo suburbs Buddhist K/​G professional parents for their only daughter,​ MBBS Doctor,​ 30,​ 5’3”,​ fair and pretty,​ studied in a leading Girls’ School in Colombo. Reply with family details and HC. s​p​p​r​o​p​1​9​8​8​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Academically and professionally qualified son is sought by Colombo suburbs Govi Buddhist parents for their only daughter,​ presently teaching in leading private college,​ pretty,​ well-mannered & kind hearted,​ born September 1979. Owns fully furnished upstair house & other assets. Please reply with family details & horoscope. m​a​r​p​s​1​9​7​9​1​7​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Academically and professionally qualified well-employed NS/​TT,​ caring son from a respectable family preferably residing in Australia or Canada sought by Buddhist parents living in Canada for their young looking daughter,​ never married with unblemished character CPA Accountant,​ Australian citizen,​ 43+,​ 5’1”,​ medium complexioned,​ brought-up with Sri Lankan Buddhist values. Reply with horoscope and family details to: m​p​.​m​e​l​b​n​c​a​n​d​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Academically and professionally qualified, kind and caring suitable partner is sought by G/B highly respected professional parents from a Kandy suburb for their daughter 33 yrs, 5’2” fair attractive, well brought up with Buddhist values, possesses and excellent character, old girl of a renowned girls school, BSc (Peradeniya), PhD (Melbourne). Currently working at a Research institute in Melbourne. Reply with horoscope, cast immaterial. Email: [email protected] T.P: 081-2579404

Academically and professionally qualified,​ kind caring,​ well mannered son is sought by Govi Buddhist parents for their daughter 25 years,​ 5’5”,​ educated in a leading School in Colombo,​ brought up with Buddhist Sinhala values. Holds a BSc.,​ CIM,​ MSc. working in a Multinational Company. Reply with family details & horoscope. Email : p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​0​0​2​5​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Academically and professionally qualified,​ well mannered son is sought by B/​G parents for their only daughter,​ 30 years,​ 5’7”,​ having a degree,​ CIMA and Masters,​ wish to migrate at present a teacher doing London O Levels and having her own tuition classes. Reply with family details and horoscope. p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​1​2​0​9​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Academically and professional qualified son from a good family background,​ preferably living abroad is sought by mother from a BG respectable family for her educated and well accomplished eldest daughter 39,​ MBA holder from an Australian University,​ banker holding a senior position in a leading bank. Differences immaterial. Reply with family details and horoscope to: m​p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​_​c​@​h​o​t​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Academically professionally qualified son is sought by B/​S parents from Ambalangoda for their daughter (30 years) employed as a Senior Executive at a reputed company in Sri Lanka. Drawing an attractive salary. Reply with horoscope (Kethu 7). m​a​n​o​k​a​r​u​7​6​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Academically /​ professionally qualified son from a good family background is sought by BG respectable mother for attractive,​ smart youngest daughter 36+,​ English news anchor and senior secretary in a leading organization. She is a degree holder from a local University pursuing further studies in English & Childcare. Willing to migrate. Reply with family details and horoscope to: m​p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​.​b​a​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Academically, professionally qualified partner is sought by Kandyan Bodu Govi parents for their kind hearted attractive daughter 31 year 5’3” Software Engineer with 2nd upper working in a company. Reply with copy of horoscope. [email protected]

Affluent K/​B parents seek academically & professionally qualified son from very respectable with a similar background for their well accomplished pretty Doctor daughter born 1984. Inherits considerable assets. Respond with family details & horoscope. f​l​o​w​e​r​1​1​v​i​e​w​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​ Tel: 0115030103.

An Educated well mannered son is sought by B/G parents for their well educated and Charming, pretty daughter 35’ 5’4” Bcom. MBA qualified and employed in Australia. Australian PR Holders or citizen preferred reply with family details and horoscope. Email: [email protected]

Are you a single man with an open mind to the world? I am looking for a sportive partner 35 - 43 years,​ Catholic /​ Christian well educated,​ international experience,​ good health,​ honest and respect for women,​ I am 40 years old,​ Attorney-at-Law LLB,​ LLM and want to start a loving relationship based on trust and mutual respect. Only reply by yourself when you are serious. React to: m​u​t​u​a​l​r​e​s​p​e​c​t​@​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

August 1992 born,​ fair,​ very pretty daughter,​ 5’ studied at a leading girls’ school in Colombo,​ graduate,​ MBA holder,​ Assistant Manager in a leading private organization,​ inherits assets. Colombo suburbs,​ Buddhist Durawa business family,​ parents seek a well brought up,​ handsome,​ educated,​ highly employed son above 5’6”,​ less than 33 years. Caste immaterial. Send details with horoscope to: s​g​p​r​p​2​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

A kind well educated professionally qualified son sought by retired father for his daughter very pretty accomplished 36 professionally educated and well employed. Legally separated from brief arranged marriage,​ as innocent party. No encumbrances. Inherits valuable assets. Kuja/​Shani in 1st house. g​a​n​a​b​2​4​6​8​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

A kind well-mannered well-educated NS/​TT above 5’6” son is sought by Sinhala Buddhist retired parents for their pretty daughter who is 28,​ 5’4” (only child) government University Lecturer,​ studied at a leading girls’ school,​ Colombo. She already owns a new upstair house,​ in addition inherits considerable assets. Caste immaterial. Please reply with horoscope,​ Tel. No. and full family details. Non-malefic horoscopes only. E-mail: m​a​h​i​n​d​a​1​9​5​8​0​5​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

A Suitable well mannered partner is sought by parents for their daughter 42 yrs, 5’4” fair, slim with long hair. Studied in a leading school in Colombo, employed. Brought up with very good moral values. Email- [email protected]

Bodu Govi Kandy suburbs respectable family parents seeks academically and professionally qualified partner for their fair and attractive youngest daughter born 1989/02, 5’3” BSc Peradeniya, presently reading for PhD in U.S.A. (Final year). Please reply family details, horoscope. [email protected]

Bodu Govi retired public servant parents seek an educated professionally qualified well mannered partner below 40 from a respectable family for their 1984 born pretty,​ slim,​ 5’4” well employed graduate daughter reading for MBA. Owns a car. Inherited parental house. Divorced from incompatible short marriage. No children. Write with horoscope. email - s​e​n​e​v​i​.​u​a​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Bodu Govi 1991 July born less than 5’ height slim pretty one and only daughter from Colombo,​ holds a BSc Degree from a reputed foreign university. Currently studying for an MBA,​ educated in a leading school in Colombo. Presently working as an Assistant Director in her father’s company. Parents seek educated partner of good moral values. Reply with horoscope & family details. Email: j​w​i​k​r​a​m​a​s​e​k​a​r​a​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Buddhist G/​K respectable business parents from Ratmalana seek an educated partner. Only child,​ 27 years,​ 5’4” height,​ studied in a leading school in Colombo. Currently reading for MBA and working in a reputed company in Australia. Reply with family details,​ contact number and horoscope. Email - t​k​p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​9​1​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Buddhist Salagama respectable family from Colombo seeks a professionally qualified son (preferably a Doctor /​ Engineer) for their pretty slim daughter born in 1990,​ 5’4” educated at a leading girls’ school and MBBS Doctor (foreign) father higher ranking officer from security forces. Please reply with full details and horoscope. s​u​m​a​n​g​a​l​a​s​e​n​a​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Buddhist Vishvakula parents in Sedney looking for an educated groom for their pretty slim daughter, with B.Bus. and MBA working as a business analyst in Sedney, Australia. Cast and religion immaterial. Please apply with the horoscope and birth of place. [email protected]

B/​G business parents from a respectable family seek,​ kind caring professionally qualified son for their daughter,​ fair pretty young looking 40,​ 5’2” professionally qualified graduated from Australian Universities with MBA. Legally separated from a very short proposed marriage. Innocent party. Earns six figure salary and substantial assets. Please write with family details and horoscope. Kuja in 8th house. p​r​o​p​d​a​n​7​7​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

B/​G business parents from respectable family seek professionally qualified,​ well mannered son for their daughter 43,​ 5’2” very young looking,​ never married,​ pretty,​ professionally qualified Chartered Accountant,​ earn six figure salary & substantial assets. Marriage delayed due to horoscope malefics. p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​7​4​7​4​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

B/​G dual citizen parents in Australia seek academically and professionally qualified partner for their daughter. She is fair pretty 5’5” 32 yrs and MBBS qualified Medical Doctor employed in Australia. Reply with details and horoscope. Email: l​a​k​m​a​n​g​a​l​a​m​1​6​@​y​a​h​o​o​.​c​o​m

B/​G parents from Colombo seek educated,​ suitable partner for their fair,​ pretty January 1991,​ 5’ elder daughter MSc IT Engineer presently employed as an IT Engineer in a foreign country residing with the family. Please respond with family details horoscope. Contact number p​j​a​y​9​1​l​k​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​ 011-2700026.

B/​G parents from N/​W seek professionally qualified kind-hearted son for their daughter well-mannered & pretty brought up with Sinhala Buddhists values born in 1993 has a degree for Chemistry currently employed while studying. Willing to migrate. Please send family details with copy of horoscope. t​o​p​s​p​e​e​d​e​v​o​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

B/G parents in Colombo seek a professionally qualified employed partner for their 33yrs, 5’ pretty daughter works in a private institute. Reply with horoscope (Kuja 8) and family details. [email protected] 0112-761411

B/​G parents seek partner professional,​ Doctor,​ Engineer for daughter 40 pretty looks much younger qualified Banker and a graduate never married owns valuable house other properties in Colombo. She is willing to settle down abroad. n​e​l​u​m​2​4​2​8​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

B/​G respectable family Colombo suburbs seeks well mannered educated professionally qualified son for their daughter born 1990/​Oct. 5’4” fair graduated BSc. in Australia and working as Software Engineer in Sri Lanka,​ she inherits upstair houses,​ vehicle and other assets. Please respond with family details with horoscope to p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​p​r​v​1​9​9​0​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​ or 0112774763.

B/G retired professional parents in Colombo suburb seek an educated professionally qualified well mannered son for daughter (only child) born 1987 Nov. 5’5” tall, smart and pretty qualified MBBS doctor in Colombo suburb. She inherits assets. Reply with family details, horoscope (with Ghanaya, Nekata) Telephone, FB name. migration not considered. [email protected]

B/​K parents seek educated son from a respectable family for daughter 5’4” born April 1987 pretty fair slim graduate employed drawing six figure salary,​ own newly built house and other assets,​ horoscope. Should be compatible with Kuja in 1,​2,​4,​7,​12 houses. Reply with family details and horoscope. email: a​k​h​f​d​o​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

B/​K respectable business parents seek an educated kind hearted son working locally or abroad for their UK graduate daughter slim,​ very fair and smart. Born in 1979 but looks ten years younger. Please reply with horoscope Email: k​i​n​d​b​r​i​d​e​g​r​o​o​m​@​h​o​t​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

B/​Salagama parents living in Australia seek an academically /​ professionally qualified,​ kind-hearted son around 24 years,​ for their Undergraduate daughter (21 yrs.),​ pretty,​ very well brought up with Buddhist values. Please reply with family details /​ horoscope to p​r​a​s​a​n​2​0​2​2​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Catholic mixed parents invites a son for their convent educated MD/​MSc qualified 30 year old pleasant looking daughter. A son between ages 31 - 36 yrs. and height above 5’8”. A partner who is willing to migrate is preferred. Reply with full details in the first letter. p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​0​3​0​3​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Colombo Buddhist Govi religious professional family seeks educated groom for beautiful daughter,​ Lawyer by profession,​ currently overseas but due soon. Divorced from a brief incompatible marriage without encumbrances. 47 years,​ 5’4”,​ very fair,​ slim,​ much younger looking. Professionals preferred. Military officers considered. Respond by emails only. l​e​t​t​e​r​s​2​0​1​9​@​y​a​h​o​o​.​c​o​m

Colombo Buddhist Mix caste 1981 MBBS Doctor only son height 5’10” divorced no encumbrances Kuja 7,​ Rahu 7 preferred r​a​n​j​a​n​i​2​0​1​9​@​y​a​h​o​o​.​c​o​m

Colombo suburbs Sinhala Buddhist parents seek partner for their pretty daughter 5’5” born in May 1990. She obtained B.Sc. (Hons) and MBA,​ working as a Software Quality Assurance Lead in a reputed IT Company. Willing to migrate. Caste immaterial. Not a malefic horoscope. Please reply with horoscope,​ family details. Email: r​u​r​a​a​b​1​2​3​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​ Contact after 4.00 p.m. - 0112937099.

Colombo suburbs Sinhala Buddhist professional parents seek partner for fair pretty 37 years daughter excellent character studied in leading Colombo girls’ school employed in family owned company inherits valuable house and other assets. Reply with family details horoscope contact number. 1​9​8​1​s​a​n​s​u​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Colombo suburbs Sinhala Buddhist professional parents seek partner for pretty daughter studied Colombo leading girls’ school 33 years Electrical Engineer working in USA well established excellent character values Sri Lankan culture inherits valuable assets. Reply with family details horoscope,​ contact number 1​9​8​5​s​a​n​s​u​d​a​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Expatriate SB parents seek a groom well-established in his chosen career for only daughter educated and brought up overseas. Our daughter is fair with pleasant features. We prefer a groom who is between 36 and 50 years of age and is a citizen or permanent resident of Australia. Please forward full family details and copy of horoscope to: a​u​s​p​a​r​e​n​t​s​8​3​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Govi Buddhist professional parents seek handsome kind hearted son for their only daughter born in 1995, height 5’7”, very fair slim and pretty final year Bio Medical student (BSc hons). Educated at leading girl school in Kandy. Height should be above 5’10”, age between 25 to 28. Like to build up relationship which will be lead to marriage. She inherits own substantial access in Kandy. Cast immaterial. Kuja in 7th house. Doctor or Medical student is preferred. Please reply with horoscope and family details. Contact No: 034-2249291 (after 6p.m, withing weekday) Email: [email protected]

Govi /​ Buddhist parents from Colombo,​ seek a steady suitable partner from a respectable family background,​ for their 1990 born daughter,​ 5’2” in height with a pleasing personality and good moral values. Studied at a leading girls’ school in Colombo and a Montessori teacher. Will inherit substantial assets. Write with family details and a copy of horoscope to p​r​o​a​g​1​2​3​4​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Govi /​ Buddhist parents seek professional or a businessman for their kind,​ loving,​ caring convent educated Australian qualified,​ pretty,​ very fair 37,​ 5’2” daughter. Teaching at a Colombo International School. Divorced from a brief marriage. He should be tall,​ handsome below 42,​ divorcees without children considered. Other castes and religions considered. Email: v​i​t​h​a​n​a​g​e​p​e​r​e​r​a​@​y​a​h​o​o​.​c​o​m​.​a​u

Groom of at least 39 years 5’8” from a well respected SGB family financially stable,​ physically and mentally sound with a remarkable character ideally from the Central Province is sought for bride from highly respected prestigious SGB family 39,​ 5’7” well educated,​ independent never married in hope of happiness and harmony. Inherit substantial wealth. m​a​r​r​a​i​g​e​i​n​2​0​1​9​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

G/B parents seek professionally qualified son for 5’2” fair, pretty, slim MBBS doctor daughter born in June 1988. Dowry fully furnished large house, brandnew car other Valuable assets Reply with horoscope. E-mail- [email protected]

G/​B,​ daughter 47y. owns two apartments in Colombo,​ working private sector find partner in Australia NZ or USA. d​h​a​m​m​i​k​a​2​2​4​4​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

G/​C slim fair very attractive professional in early fifties (Looks younger) seeks suitable partner. Differences immaterial. If compatible. t​n​i​i​u​a​i​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

I am a Muslim lady and divorcee aged 43,​ but looking very young with a pleasant personality and I am an educated and intelligent lady who is seeking a partner,​ religion and race immaterial. I am willing to migrate and give preference to foreigners. Please contact: f​r​a​s​k​e​e​n​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Kandyan Bodu Govi parents sought academically, professionally qualfied partner for their kind hearted attractive daughter 31 year 5’3” Chartered Architect (BSC, MSC) working in a company. Reply with copy of Horoscope. [email protected]

Kandy B/​G mother seeks professionally qualified son for her daughter BSc.,​ CIM,​ MBA,​ 38 years,​ 5’6” pretty working managerial position in a Global Company. Vrushaba Lagna,​ Guru Shani Yoga. Kuja in 8 cage. Reply with family details with horoscope. Email - s​u​j​a​e​k​a​1​2​2​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Kandy, B/G Medical Specialist parent, seeks a N/S, T/T, kind, honest, and caring Academically and Professionally qualified son, below 35 yrs. of age and above 5’6” height, from a similar family- background, for 1989 December born, MBBS Doctor daughter, working at a Government Hospital. Please send all family details and Son’s horoscope in the first communication. Non-malefic horoscopes only please. E-mail [email protected]

Kelaniya,​ Sinhala Buddhist parents seek partner for their pretty daughter 5’4” born in November 1991,​ B.Sc (Hons) graduate doing an executive level job. Caste immaterial. Mostly preferred Western Province proposals. T.P. 0112937099.

Kottawa Govi Buddhist mother seeks a suitable partner for her unmarried pretty young looking educated (MBM) daughter 46 5’-3 1/2” assistant director finance from a leading firm. Reply in Sinhala/English with horoscope (malefic) and family details.

Mislim parents Canadian citizens seek for their 22 year old daughter Hijabi,​ bachelor’s degree holder working in the private sector,​ suitable partner below 30 years,​ practising Muslim professionally qualified English speaking and willing to settle in Canada. c​a​n​a​d​i​a​n​.​m​u​s​l​i​m​b​r​i​d​e​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Moor parents from Dehiwala seek professionally qualified partner from Moor or Malay family for their doctor daughter (MBBS) 28 yrs. 5’5” tall. Tel. 0112719741. email: a​h​m​r​a​f​i​@​o​u​t​l​o​o​k​.​c​o​m

Moor/​Muslim parents in Dehiwela seek a pious person for their daughter aged 21+,​ religious and qualified. The groom must be one who tries to practice the Quran and Sunnah. Father is a teacher,​ originally from Galle. Email: i​t​s​o​l​s​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Mother seeking an academically qualified decent gentleman for 41,​ 5’5’’,​ slim,​ well mannered eldest daughter working overseas for an Airline. (overseas proposals are considered) age between 40-45 yrs. Please reply with horoscope and family details. p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​.​2​0​1​9​n​y​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Muslim Moor parents from a very respectable family seek a professional partner for their fair attractive daughter aged 23 height 5’8” who is a final year Information System undergraduate in her last semester. She is medium built. We are from Galle residing in Colombo. m​u​s​l​i​m​b​r​i​d​e​7​7​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Muslim parents from Colombo are in search of an educated,​ religious and kind hearted groom for their daughter. She is an English medium educated graduate who is grounded in religious values and has a pleasing personality. She had an unfortunate marriage which ended in divorce (innocent party). She has no encumbrances. The groom should ideally be in his mid thirties with compatible values and a good character. If interested,​ kindly email details relating to the groom to : m​u​s​l​i​m​p​a​r​e​n​t​s​9​8​0​@​y​a​h​o​o​.​c​o​m​ All communications will be treated in strict confidence.

Parents seek a well employed Catholic partner for their convent educated daughter presently working for a leading Pvt. Bank. She was born in Nov. 84,​ 5’3” medium complexion,​ beautiful and alternative. The partner shall be 35-40 yrs of age & above 5’6” willing to migrate. Email: t​h​u​j​6​6​6​_​@​y​a​h​o​o​.​c​o​m

Professionally qualified son living in UK sought by parents living in Sri Lanka for their daughter,​ pretty,​ 38,​ 5’7”,​ graduated,​ working and resident in UK. Contact via email: s​i​m​p​l​e​t​a​l​k​2​2​@​y​a​h​o​o​.​c​o​m

Respectable very well established Bodu Salagama business parents from Colombo suburb having their own family business seek educated son from a similar well established family from a well known business background below 29 years,​ well mannered and educated for our pretty fair daughter who is 23 years 5’7” in height educated in a leading international school in Colombo 7,​ finished her Chemical Engineering degree in Monash University and finished her MBA inherits over 400 million worth assets,​ please reply with family details horoscope (Kuja 8) and contact Nos. Sri Lankan residents only. Email - s​h​a​m​i​l​a​1​1​1​0​@​y​a​h​o​o​.​c​o​m

Roman Catholic Sinhalese parents from Wattala seek suitable educated religious partner for their daughter 26 years 05 feet,​ medium complexion and academically qualified with university degree. She owns substantial assets including house & commercial property (land). Please email (r​i​e​n​z​i​e​f​b​t​c​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​) full details with contact No.

Sinhala B/​G mother seeks a professionally qualified partner between 33-40 with sober habits for her lawyer daughter 35 years of age. 5’8” tall fair complexion. Divorced after brief marriage with no encumbrances. She inherits substantial assets. Willing to relocate according to partner’s needs. Email: p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​s​9​2​3​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Sinhala Catholic parents seek a professionally qualified son for their daughter,​ 5’1”,​ PhD qualified in Neuroscience,​ currently employed in a reputed university in the UK as a Research Project Manager. She holds a dual citizenship in New Zealand and Sri Lanka. Please reply with details. K​i​w​i​m​2​2​5​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Sinhala Roman Catholic parents seek a partner for their daughter,​ 1984 July,​ 5’5”,​ Material Scientist,​ PhD (UK). t​o​t​a​m​1​9​6​1​@​y​a​h​o​o​.​c​o​m​

Sinhalese BG parents residing in New Zealand seek professionally qualified son preferably living in New Zealand or Australia for their 25 years old 5’3”,​ fair,​ slim,​ New Zealand qualified Oral Health Dental Therapist daughter who was brought up with Sri Lakan values. Please reply with family details and horoscope to h​2​0​1​8​p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​s​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Tamil Catholic parents in Colombo seek a professionally qualified partner,​ between 32 - 36,​ non-smoker for their Quality Assurance Engineer daughter,​ born in 1987,​ 5’6” tall,​ fair and slim,​ willing to relocate according to partner’s needs. Respond with family details. Email to: v​i​n​c​e​n​t​p​e​e​r​i​s​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Western Province Buddhist Karawa parents seek for their daughter September 1989,​ 5’3” employed studied in Colombo girls’ school B.Sc Engineering M.Sc (Foreign) qualified PhD final year a son below 35 with impeccable character Engineer or Senior Executive working in Sri Lanka. Mesha lagna,​ Deta nekatha,​ Venus 7 Moon 8 non-malefic horoscope. Send only matching horoscopes with family details,​ contact numbers in first reply. Same caste or Govi preferred. d​u​w​a​t​a​y​o​j​a​n​a​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

1988 Born Govi Buddhist daughter of reputed businessman educated at Sirimavo Bandaranaike Colombo,​ obtained Degree from Monash University Australia height 5’5”,​ seeks businessman or educated partner. s​w​a​r​n​a​p​a​l​a​6​1​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​ 0114884261.