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HNB Finance focuses on digital platform

HNB Finance has made strides in introducing many of its services to a digital platform which is convenient for its growing customer base across the country.

“Initially, we focused on providing services to the SME sector. However, we found that there was a clear and growing market need for Small Scale Enterprises (SSEs). These are businesses that are not identified as SMEs but – with the right support – can easily develop to that level,” HNB Finance CEO/Managing Director, Chaminda Prabhath said.

“As a result, HNB Finance has updated its portfolio to more effectively cater to their needs. Combined with our expertise in working as partners in building the success of our clients, we are confident that HNB Finance will be at the forefront of this business segment,” he said.

HNB Finance offers services such as collateral-free loans, gold loans and leasing backed by attractive benefits to a segment of the financial market that is often ignored by the banking system.

This financial institution’s mission has dovetailed neatly with the existing strategy and business alignment of HNB Finance as it has had the dual effect of enabling the organisation to acquire an extremely diverse customer base while presenting the opportunity for people to conduct all financial transactions within a single, trusted financial service provider, a bank spokesman said.

“We see great potential in this market segment because of the experience we already have in serving this segment of customers. Many of our customers used to come to us only for business loans. They fulfilled their consumption needs at other financial institutions.

“Understanding this led to a transformation at HNB Finance. By introducing new products we became a one-stop-shop for our customer’s financial needs. This is a field which shows great potential, and balanced with our continuing emphasis on enterprise clients, we are now working to integrate this segment with the facilities provided by giants such as HNB so they are able to grow,” said Prabhath.

“We are already linked with Lankapay, having established SWIFT and SLIP secure and efficient transfers. As our customers can now do transactions with HNB, we have issued more than 250,000 cards in a very short span. Our next goal is digitalisation, it allows our customers a platform to complete all their financial services on one platform. This is our future,” he said.

HNB Finance has set its sights on a listing on the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) next year following the introduction of new financial services and the expansion of its product portfolio to service a wider range of clients.