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Inspirational music video by Chithral Somapala

At the launch
At the launch

A music video by musician Chithral Somapala was launched last week at the Colombo City Centre.

Titled Sinha Lokaye Sinhaya, this is the seventh music video by Somapala. The music video is a follow up of the song ‘Sinha Lokaye Sinhaya’, launched in August 2017.

Written and composed by Kalum Srimal, sung by Chithral Somapala and directed by Asad-ul-Haq, Sinha Lokaye Sinhaya aims to inspire the youth to ‘Find their Lion’, and achieve their goals.

The video revolves around two characters - an architect who longs to become a professional surfer and an arts student who dreams of becoming a drummer. The video shows the obstacles they encounter in their journeys. In the end, both characters find their lion and achieve what they have dreamt of. The video was produced by Rasitha Jinasena of Skyy Productions and Saliya Weerasekara of Antswork Productions.

Chitral ‘Chity’ Somapala is a Sri Lankan hard rock and heavy metal vocalist. He is known for his work with European power metal bands Firewind, Power Quest, Avalon, Faro, Red Circuit and Civilisation One.