New Year’s beginning | Sunday Observer

New Year’s beginning

We are a part of the global community we live in
We each have a role to play with New Year’s beginning
It is reasonable for us to reflect upon the past
And correct our mistakes with no delay, but very fast

We are all guilty of mistakes done one time or another
It is only yours and not mistakes of any other
Today living your life, itself is a big responsibility
Properly speaking, it also has to be one of quality
We often carry forward our woes and past hurts

Also, our painful memories, negativity and regrets
The above mentioned are not to be continued at any cost
Because all your hopes for a bright future will be lost
You should never indulge in repentance

If so, you will be misled in your battle for existence
With great care you have to see to your comfort
And position yourself well in society with your own effort
In a rapidly developing and changing environment

Your duty is to equip yourself with great commitment
Very many have the capacity to become a great one
As such, solid foundational start should be provided to everyone
Money is being prioritised by values
Instead of recognizing or assimilating its virtues

One dares not protest against the market culture
Raising its head unnoticed, affecting the economic structure
Selling products to make a big buck is, worst still
Putting the lives of innocent millions in peril

Now-a-days new technology considered a blessing in disguise
Should be carefully monitored by the parents wise
New technology advancement is rather fanatic
The fact is that we are all a part of this amazing fabric
One has to admit that not all of it is good

To parents for their thoughts, this is supreme food
In their daily routine, they should be more vigilant
To save the offspring whom they consider elegant
Then they should know about staying safe around drugs
Used and distributed by (permit me to use the word) underworld thugs
The physical effects and signs of addiction

Should be curtailed before going far with practical application
It is from these that all miseries emanate
Which should be got rid of permanently at any rate
Let 2019 be free of all destructive social norms
To call this a paradise isle complete in all forms

- Rupa Banduwardena