Matilda | Sunday Observer


First Prize

Matilda by Roald Dahl is the only book I have read more than twice. It was first published by Jonathan Cape in London in October 1988. It is about a little girl with a magical mind. Matilda loves books and when she was four years old she had read all the children’s books in the library. She has also read Great Expectations, Oliver Twist, Jane Eyre, Animal Farm and The Invisible Man.

After a few years Matilda started attending school. Matilda’s class teacher, Miss Honey found Matilda to be a very special child, but Matilda’s parents did not think so because they were not educated.

Matilda found school work easy and she became friends with Miss Honey. The magical character of Matilda bears testimony to the brilliance of the great author Roald Dahl.


Hirunima Wijeratne,

Grade 8,

Mahinda Rajapaksa College,