Udawalawa park warden denies elephants lack nutrition | Sunday Observer

Udawalawa park warden denies elephants lack nutrition

The park warden at Udawalawa National park denied that the elephants at the park were facing a nutrition issue, after social media posts highlighted bony pachiderms roaming in the park. In response to a query made by the Sunday Observer, Park Warden D.Samaranayake said during this time of the year grasslands shrink due to heavy rain and it affects their feeding. “It is a regular occurance,” he said.

“There is no major issue with their nutrition as highlighted in the social

media, he said adding that the veterinary doctors at the park were constantly carrying out research on the elephants and they have so far not come up with any such case.

Since the death of Mugalan who was gunned down at Uda Walawa National Park by a poacher in December last year, the place has been put under the microscope by vigilant elephant conservation groups. Two suspect in the killing of Mugalan were arrested and remanded. The case will be taken up again on Tuesday.

The post on the facebook group ‘The Elephant’ which highlighted this issue said a concerned foreign visitor had also written about the visibly skinny pachiderms at the Udawalawa park on an international tourism website.

“This grasslands issue is unique to Udawalawa park,” the Warden said, adding that the rain fills up Mavu Ara and Udawalawa tanks to the maximum

during this time of the year, encroaching the grasslands.

He said the elephants mostly feed on grass. This issue is expected to ease off with the on set of the dry season by June and more fuller elephants are seen in the park thereafter.

The case filed on the incident will be taken up on January 24.