Football club owner slams FFSL over tournament confusion | Sunday Observer

Football club owner slams FFSL over tournament confusion

The owner of the former League Champions Solid SC Sagara Priyatilleke has accused the Football Federation of Sri Lanka (FFSL) of creating a confusing state in the ongoing Champions League where teams contesting don’t even know against whom their matches are other than what is at hand week by week.

He even calls it “match-fixing” as none of the 18 teams in the running know their entire match schedule as in the case of the inter-club rugby league where the draw for all matches are out even before the tournament starts.

“If we can get to know all our fixtures it will help us prepare well ahead for each of our opponents in the fray. What is happening here is that the Football Federation is drawing up fixtures in a way that favours the clubs that vote for them at elections,” said Priyatilleke.

“They (FFSL) have an obligation towards all clubs to release the whole schedule”.

But FFSL secretary Jaswar Umar said there was nothing irregular taking place.

“If we open up everything the title winners will become obvious. We only want to make the matches interesting and keep alive the spectator interest until the 17th week of matches. We don’t want teams that are not in the running for the title to lose interest and throw away games”, said Umar.