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Take action against Kandy hooligans

Please permit me a little bit of space in your valuable Sunday paper to bring to your notice the very bad behaviour of the supporters of Kandy Sports Club at last week’s match against Army.

I am not a supporter of any particular club but I must say that the behaviour of these fans or supporters of Kandy SC was shameful and an insult on decency at a sporting event. They even invaded the field while the match was in progress endangering the safety of match officials and opposing players and this is something that is not tolerated at professional matches anywhere in the world.

Such acts must never be tolerated and I hope that the culprits be brought to book if not all match officials and teams should boycott playing at the venue unless the ground authorities do something for the safety of everyone including spectators, players and match officials.I even saw a match official being threatened by a Kandy supporter.

What happened the other day indicates that Kandy SC who have not tasted defeat in 20 years are becoming sore losers unable to take up defeat.

Even the sponsors of the tournament Dialog should make it clear that they cannot get their name tarnished by aligning with these bad miscreants and hooligans.

Mohamed Nizar Katugastota