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Poetry Corner

 Saying Goodbye

They hugged and kissed with tear filled eyes,
They whispered promises with sorrow hidden inside,
And I, watching from a hidden point
Felt the love that bound them tight.
Some will leave us in a few days
To seek their fortunes in lands far and wide
While others will still be on different sides
In order to fulfill their own dreams bright.
And yet, all of these people have been bound by friendship and love for years.
Despite all their differences,
They’ve been one family all these years.
And as I watched their eyes brim with tears,
I asked myself, “where’s love if not here?”

By Mokshavi Gunasekera


One Fine Day

It is a function
Or else a duet, a dance or a play
Which comes into a turning point
In anyone’s life
If you ever viewed
A real paradise
Loving & Giving
Their tribute to us
With their kids, kith & kin
All hand in hand
With mighty GREEN
Silently the deer
Waves her horn
And the moth’s share
The Nature’s frown
Amazingly peep
The giant they say
It’s really a pleasure
To see his leisure
Now and then the hawk and the spark
Of a smart bull or another
Cuckoo surprised and gazed
At a sight of an
Eagle half killing a serpent
for a meal
There you are
A stag with a peg of a smile
A smile with guile
A sight to be seen
The jeep is steady
To see a hare
How lovely deer
You with less fear back to the thicket
Heavily shine under the sun
To see ‘NO GUN’

K.Shanthi Silva