Poems | Sunday Observer



Nowadays, thankfully
I can boast of
Having reached dizzy heights
Of ecstatic joy
Following with growing conviction
The clearly visible footprints
Of a sagacious hermit
Propagating quite effectively
The heart-felt tenets of wisdom
With time generously
Bequeathing me with enviable maturity
Gifted with razor-sharp
Mental faculties
Thus I can seek, eagerly
The luxury and solace of solitude
Till I am imprisoned
With a myriad of reflections
As I am engaged
In a timeless, self-satiating journey
Surely, enhancing me
With unmitigated happiness.

- Ranjan M. Amarasinghe


Spring On play

Spring has arrived
The sun not yet matured
Spring breeze dances in joy
Caressing the surrounding.
Pink chrysanthemum
Inspired by the caress
Slowly opens fragile petals
And fills the breeze
With soothing fragrance,
Mischievous breeze
Carries the message
To the hopeful bee,
The bee, overjoyed
Reaches the flower
To treat it with affection
Opening the doors
For ever-bright summer.

-Kumari Weerasuriya


Take My Hand

Take me by your hand
I am holding on to you
Much harder
Than you are holding on
All power is in My Hands
Don’t fear, reach down
And grab hold of My Hands
Give thanks in everything
Even for things
That you have never been
Able to give thanks before
It will break the chains
That hold you bound
And set you free

-Timothy A. Edward



Softly at dusk a woman is steering a boat,
In the still waters of the river,
Carrying the passengers home,
Humming to herself a soft melody.
Her wrinkled face bears a tranquil smile,
Her eyes still glitter like river water
She holds the oars tightly, with her shrivelled hands
confident she is at work.
For few coins to feed her grandson;
the only hope of her life.

-Anula Peramune