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IIT introduces Masters in Fashion Business Management

The Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT) entered the fashion sphere recently with the introduction of Masters in Fashion Business Management.

Colombo Fashion Dialogue organised by IIT, on the theme ‘Skills for Success in the Fashion industry of the Future’ was held at the BMICH recently. Senior Lecturer of University of Westminster, Caroline Curtis was the chief gues.

Curtis outlined the present fashion and apparel spectrum, its future challenges and the skills required by the next generation to advance and improve the field.

Managing Director of Emerald International, A.F.M. Ikram outlined his experience in re-launch and startup of Emerald Shirts, and its present ventures.

As an experienced professional in the industry, he shared his wisdom on how young students who wish to pursue a career in fashion, should compare similarities and dissimilarities of different scenarios and models to understand fashion in urban and suburban markets. He discussed about different challenges seen in the local market.

Chief Executive Officer of Moose Clothing Company, Hasib Omar He stressed on the importance of research and development covering most of the important spheres of the fashion industry.