Stax launches digital customer experience audit | Sunday Observer

Stax launches digital customer experience audit

Stax launched its proprietary digital customer experience product in the backdrop of a survey revealing that seven out of 10 Sri Lankans use the internet for information, prior to making a purchase online or offline.

Digital maturity is fast becoming the differentiator in getting traction in a crowded market place. Stax’s Digital Customer Experience Audit, which has been developed taking into account 20 years of global corporate growth experience, helps identify critical areas of improvement while benchmarking a company’s digital footprint with peers.

According to Stax Managing Director, Ruwindhu Peiris, as more customers make their purchases online, catering to the needs is a must in a competitive local and global playing field.

“As we see more customers go online, we realise how much customer centricity and an obsession with what the customer is looking for matters. Our clients are increasingly reaching out to us to understand the digital customer journey that is specific to them and how we can support them in catering to these needs.

“As more local companies venture into the digital space, and the nature of a connected economy gives global players better access to our markets, business’ ability to understand their customers’ wants and being able to effectively cater to these needs digitally are paramount,” he said.