Heidi | Sunday Observer
Second Prize


 Among the books I have read, Heidi is the best. It is a very interesting, adventurous and well written novel by Johanna Spyri. The novel is based on a girl named Heidi. This is her story. Heidi is a girl of five years who lives with her aunt Dete. Heidi is unusually kind and thoughtful of others by nature. She is taken to her grandfather who lives in the Swiss mountains. There she meets Peter, who becomes her best friend. Heidi's innocence brings out all the goodness in the heart of her grandfather. Clara who's a good friend to Heidi can't walk. But Heidi teaches her to walk and at the end of the story Clara walks with the help of Heidi. I like this novel because it taught me about a little girl who makes people happy.


Hashini Dulanjalee,

Grade 10,

Devapala college,