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Last Term at Malory Towers

Last Term at Malory Towers is the sixth and final book of the Malory Towers series written by Enid Blyton. Malory Towers is based on the prestigious English boarding school for girls, the Berenden School in Kent, England which relocated to Cornwall during the Second World War.

In the last term in the Sixth Form of her final year at Malory Towers, Darrell Rivers is made head girl of the school. Darrell works very hard this term because she hopes to go to university and become an educated and independent woman. The athletic Amanda Chartelow who joined Malory Towers from the sports school Trennigan Towers has future plans of participating in the Olympic Games and gets into a conflict with the equally strapping Moira Linton who is believed to be the best at sports.

The novel also focuses on Darrell’s younger sister Felicity and her friends who are in the Second Form at Malory Towers. A newly rich, dishonest girl named Jo Jones with low, vulgar manners and with no principles behaves unethically and causes problems for her classmates in the Second Form.

Malory Towers has moulded Darrell into a strong, independent and mature young woman and she feels nostalgic about leaving Malory Towers, but looks forward to the academic and intellectual pursuits of her future life in university.

Reviewed by Hannah George