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Muslim organisations condemn attacks on Buddhist religious places

Top Muslim organisations in a letter issued on Saturday, condemned the attacks on Buddhist religious places recently.

The statement was signed by 31 organisations, including the All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama (ACJU), Advocacy and Reconciliation Council, Al-Kafaala Foundation, All Ceylon Thawheed Jamath, Muslim Council of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka Muslim Media Forum (SLMMF) and the All Ceylon Young Men’s Muslim Association Conference.

The statement read,”Islam strongly condemns blasphemy against other religions and offending the feelings of followers of other religions. The Holy Quran guides us in very clear terms,” do not revile those whom they invoke other than Allah,” (6:108) “Recently an incident occurred that hurt the feelings of the Buddhist community and suspects were arrested.

They should be brought to book if proven guilty. Effective strategies should be formulated especially to guide the youth and measures must be taken to stop rumours and false assumptions from taking root,” they cautioned, adding that the state intelligence network and the security forces should investigate the unseen forces that create tensions among the communities and disrupt peace.

The organisations collectively called upon the Government to ensure peace in the country by maintaining law and order.