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No plastics in Sigiriya

The government has banned the use of plastics in Sigiriya to minimise its impact on the environment from this week.

Secretary to the Ministry of Housing and Construction Bernard Wasantha de Silva said the ban will be in effect from February 1 and added that the aim of the ban is to minimise the negative effects of the use of plastics on the environment, animals and the scenic beauty of the heritage site.

“Those who violate the regulation will be charged an additional amount on their ticket. We do not intend burdening visitors. There will be officers to help visitors to abide by the new regulation,” Silva said. He said the officers will remove the seal of water bottles and the plastic cover of food items and replace them with paper bags before entering the premises.

About 2,500 plastic bottles are collected at Sigiriya daily. Authorities hope the ban will encourage visitors to be extra vigilant and take steps to protect the environment.

In September 2017, the government banned the use of polythene that is equal to or less than 20 microns. President Maithripala Sirisena banned the importation, manufacture and sale of lunch sheets to make the country polythene-free. Meanwhile, Ministry of Housing and Construction has planned to relocate 47 stray dogs in Sigiriya.