The Water Ballerina | Sunday Observer

The Water Ballerina

Leotard and satin pointees
She sheds on the river bank
Shadow dives in deep
Waves drape around
Through the water she dances
The Water Ballerina

Piercing blades of sun|
Turns feathers on her face
Serene resonance of mute swans
Fills her ears underneath
Rainbow mosaic of the chandelier above
Drizzles through the wreath of Banyan
Blinds her eyes

Drowned in the dark
She closes her eyes to see
In billows of crystal
Circled by the dancing Nymphs

With wings stretched out
She swirls like a Naiad
She glides, she melts
Bends and rises
Into the wind she propels
Leaving the gravity
Towards liberty

Her shadow flings over the river horizon
Where the Deities of wind and water meet
Through the water she dances
The water ballerina

-  Chamari Fonseka