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Football club, 10 players and officials banned

3 February, 2019
A crowd invasion at a Premier League match between Red Star and Blue Star in Kalutara
A crowd invasion at a Premier League match between Red Star and Blue Star in Kalutara

As many as ten players and officials from Super Sun SC have been banned and the club disqualified over what is said to be a serious breach of discipline during last Sunday’s Dialog Champions League football match against Renown SC at the Sugathadasa stadium.

Super Sun has been disqualified for abandoning their match in the 70th minute before the end of play after disputing a decision made by the referee while the players and officials have been banned from next season as well for attempting to assault match officials, using abusive language and threatening them.

The players and officials to come under the ban are MSM Riswan (President /Chairman– Super Sun), M Ramzan (Joint Secretary –Super Sun), V. Augustine (head coach –Super Sun), NIM Rishan (goal keeper and coach Super Sun), TT Oluwatosin Daniel (player Super Sun), MN Mohamed Mubashir (player Super Sun), MS Asath (player Super Sun), MFM Rifkhan (player Super Sun), Mohamed Harfan (player Super Sun) and MFM Fasan (player Super Sun).

The charges were levelled by match officials with adequate video evidences to show the offences committed by the players and officials.

Super Sun owner MSM Riswan told the Sunday Observer that they will appeal against the decision taken by the FFSL.

“We have spent nearly Rs. 2 million paying the salaries of foreign players and locals. I hope the FFSL will take a positive stand on our appeal,” said Riswan. “We are not going to seek legal action against anyone and have nothing against the FFSL.”

But former president of the Football Federation of Sri Lanka (FFSL) Ranjith Rodrigo lambasted the decisions taken by the FFSL whose secretary is UL Jaswer. Rodrigo called it double standards.

He said the decision to punish Super Sun SC with a ban even before an investigation is held, is a prejudicial judgment by the secretary.

“What about the previous incident involving Red Star SC and Blue Star SC. He (Jaswer) had stated that he will start an investigation and no further comments were made. Was he afraid to take action against Blue Star SC as he is under obligation to them,” asked Rodrigo.

“If this continues all club owners who spend their private money to maintain clubs will stop doing so due to the double standards metered out by FFSL officials,” predicted Rodrigo.

In another game between Blue Star SC and Colombo FC, the Competition Committee took a decision to ban Blue Star for three home matches.

Subsequently, due to influence used by the ground owners, the decision was revised to allow one home match for Blue Star without following the proper procedure of going through the appeal committee.

But Jaswer said that there is a difference between “refusing to play” and any other incident. “Super Sun was automatically disqualified for refusing to play. Any team refusing to play before or after the kick off will be disqualified from the competition. This is the same regulation we had even under the presidency of Ranjith Rodrigo,” said Jaswer. “The incident involving Red Star and Blue Star in Kalutara was reported by various people via Whats App and videos. When the FFSL got the official report prompt action was taken.

“Further, I as the General Secretary have no obligation to anyone other than God and my obligations are to contribute to my country’s football. I am not bound to anyone,” said Jaswer.

Jaswer said he does not take competition decisions as there is a Committee and doesn’t expect any opportunistic comments from anyone.

“Every club is treated equally and assisted in every possible way to progress further. Let me contribute something good for football in our country with the little talent I have, until the last minute in this seat. I have no political motivation or revenge in me,” said Jaswer.