Fitch to recalibrate SL’s rating scale | Sunday Observer

Fitch to recalibrate SL’s rating scale

Fitch Ratings will recalibrate the Sri Lankan National rating scale to reflect changes in the relative creditworthiness among Sri Lankan issuers following the downgrade of the country’s sovereign rating to ‘B’ from ‘B+’ on December 3, 2018.

The recalibration will result in ratings for some issuers with Sri Lankan national ratings. A reduction in the number of ‘AAA(lka)’ rated issuers is anticipated after recalibration by the end of this month, as a result of the sovereign downgrade and the resultant changes to the relative ranking of credits in the country.

National scale ratings are a risk ranking of issuers in a particular market designed to help local investors differentiate risk. The country’s national scale ratings are denoted by the unique identifier ‘(lka)’. Fitch adds this identifier to reflect the unique nature of the Sri Lankan national scale.

National scales are not comparable with Fitch’s international ratings scales or with other countries’ national rating scales.