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Keells renews commitment to ‘Freshness’

Keells takes another step towards revolutionising the local retail landscape with the introduction of their fresh guarantee return policy. This offers customers Double the Money back on any fresh produce they are dissatisfied with.

This recent introduction from Keells marks one of the initiatives to be launched after their re-branding. Caring for customers and delivering the freshest produce each and every day is of utmost importance and introducing this policy is a testament of this.

President, Retail of John Keells Group, Charitha Subasinghe said, “Keeping in line with our core purpose of ‘improving the quality of life for the nation’ our goal is to provide our customers with the freshest produce. The confidence to deliver this promise comes from the processes in place and the amazing effort our team has put in ensuring we source, deliver and display nothing but the best for our customers.”

The fresh produce collection center teams directly liaise with farmers to ensure that the best produce comes to the stores within 24 hours of the produce leaving the farm gate with quality checks performed at farms, collections centres and Keells stores.

Another innovative offering is the introduction of cooked hot food counters at 39 stores for lunch and dinner which includes Sri Lankan rice and curry and specials ranging from Nasi Goreng and Biriyani to Pasta dishes.

Fresh juice bars are available at 58 stores with different juices with no added sugar for the health conscious customer.

With the new policy on Fresh or double your money back, customers who are not satisfied with the fresh produce, must present the produce along with a receipt to the store they purchased it from to obtain double their money back.

Keells also focuses on providing value for money to their customers by guaranteeing the freshness of their produce.