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Cloud technology for J’pura boys

Grade Eight students of Sri Jayewardenapura Boys School were introduced to Cloud-Based Smart Classrooms last Thursday. They were seen with only a tab in their hands, ready for the day’s lesson.

Class teacher, Indrani Dhammika took them through the introductory video explaining the lesson with the students following her through their tabs.

A smart classroom is one of the radical changes in the Sri Lankan education system. Replacing text books with digital technology is a significant achievement.

Sri Jayewardenepura Boys School is continuing the concept of Smart Classrooms which were begun in 2017. However, last Thursday (7)was the first time where all students of Grade Eight were given the facility to study in a Smart Classroom.

Under the direction of the Minister of Education, the Ministry of Education piloted the project by selecting 25 schools island-wide.

“Today children learn the lesson on Microorganisms by watching a video. They memorise what they have seen and heard, rather than what they have read. There will be no need for them to make an extra effort to memorise, when facing examinations,” Indrani Dhammika said.

She explained how the children can read through the lesson and attend to the assignment using the tab. Answers can be emailed to the teacher which she will in turn check and send back.

“Everything is done using the tabs. Taking down notes and drawing pictures are done on it directly. This 3D technology has replaced the blackboard, textbooks, writing books, pencils, and erasers,” she said.

The smart board representing the blackboard and the tablets representing books have created the process of learning and teaching in an effective and efficient way.

Codegen International Company in collaboration with the Sri Lankan Government contributed to this project with technological resources and with accurate guidance for students and teachers.

“There are about 600 employees working in my company and I came across several shortcomings in their work. To find solutions I went to the universities and concluded that our educational system was responsible for this malady,” said Chairman, Codegen International Company, Harsha Subasinghe.

“The Government and some other companies including Codegen funds the tablets. The software is given free. The tablet includes the complete syllabus for Grade Eight. The students and the teacher do not miss lessons or textbooks as it all comes as one package,” Subasinghe said.

“ I didn’t know how to use a computer before the technology was first introduced to our schools. We were trained well. These devices are very user-friendly and very convenient. Technology has conquered the world in a blink of an eye. Now I know what is important is to work smart not hard,” said Indrani Dhammika.

She also said that it is her dream to see that the project takes effect in all schools in the country.

“The whole world is rapidly developing in technology. We must start settling in with international trends or we will be left out,” she said.

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