Netball head disregards call for election citing World Cup | Sunday Observer

Netball head disregards call for election citing World Cup

Trixi Nanayakkara
Trixi Nanayakkara

A special general meeting will be held today to discuss the holding of an election to the Sri Lanka Netball Federation after sports minister Harin Fernando called on all parties to hold the poll in accordance with the Sports Law.

Several district associations made complaints over the postponement of the election.

A netball official peaking to the Sunday Observer said that the current administration of netball was contemplating even further postponing the election for no valid reason.

Sports Ministry Secretary Chulanda Perera has also stated that there is no legal issue that prevents the conduct of the election.

However current Netball Federation head Trixi Nanayakkara claims that according to the Sports Law she is entitled to be a president four years.

But the Sports Law clearly states that an election should be held every year although anyone can be entitled to stay on for four years if elected.

At a meeting with the Minister some officials of the Netball Federation have said that they will step down if there is any violation committed against the Sports Law.

But Nanayakkara claims that she is entitled to stay on without contesting an election after the Sri Lanka team produced positive results.

“During our (her) period we have won the Asian title after nine years and our team rose in the world ranking to 19 from 27. We have done our part very responsibly but some individuals want to destroy our World Cup plan and that’s why they are creating issues.

According to the Sports Law I can go on for four years as the president,” claimed Nanayakkara.

“We are now engaging in our World Cup preparation and if any Interim Committee is set up it will affect our preparations. We have to think about the country and not individual interests,” added Nanayakkara.

The World Cup will be held in June in England.