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Connecting the creative dots

When a bottle of jam is over in most homes it is thrown into the recycle bin. But one talented young lady is turning everyday used items into works of creative art. Dukesheeka Jenorge, a past student of Methodist College, Colombo has completed her final year in IT as a university student and has taken to painting. She was previously featured in these pages for her extensive collection of potted cactus plants. Taking the empty jam bottles she carefully selects her colour combinations to create unique designs that cover both the bottle and the lid. In addition she has turned large pebbles from the beach into ornate works of art that reflect her creative and patient mind. The amiable artist said “I started using the system of dot painting. It is a slow process and requires a steady hand, but the end result is a unique hand painted piece. I cover the surfaces in black paint and then start at the center and work towards the edges. It takes about 3 hours to finish each item as the designs are very intricate. I use either a pin or a toothpick to place these dotted designs”. Young Dukesheeka has dazzled her university mates and other friends with her mesmerising designs, showing us that something of value can be created with loads of patience and passion, from common things. (DJ)