Colombo City Centre celebrates Indian Republic Day | Sunday Observer

Colombo City Centre celebrates Indian Republic Day

Colombo City Centre, in collaboration with the India-Sri Lanka Foundation and the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, commemorated Indian Republic Day by showcasing the exuberant, colourful, and vibrant nature of India’s unique culture. The cultural event took place in January at the Colombo City Centre Mall.

The chief focal point was the mesmerising Mayurbhanj Chhau dance, a semi-classical dance that has roots in the dynamic martial, tribal, and folk traditions of Odisha, the Eastern State of India. The dance piece included lyrical movements that brought famous Indian folklore tales, epics, and religious sentiments to life.The all-male troupe performing this act was led by Shri Bibhuti Bhusan Mohanta, a renowned choreographer and dancer who has enthralled audiences on major stages in the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Singapore, and many other places.