Corruption | Sunday Observer


Our little isle is choking in the grip of corruption.
Firmly rooted, causing much destruction.
The ‘pagava’ makes the crooks’ purses fatter.
As long as the deal is sealed, what does it matter?
Prosperity for this country is a long-felt need,
but rampant corruption makes this a fa-fetched dream.
The economy is struck and the cost of living rockets,
leaving the poor man with only empty pockets.
The culprits in the racket should be brought to book.
As they are hell-bent to escape by hook or by crook.
Even leaving the shores of Lanka to a safe hide-away.
Not thinking their meeting with destiny is not far away.
Shocking details have come to light,
by the committees probing corruption done in broad day-light.
The President and like-minded politicians, together should join hands,
to eradicate corruption from this thrice blessed land.

-Jessica Thompson