Hard won independence | Sunday Observer

Hard won independence

Independence hard won is a priceless gift to the nation
When you peep into the history of alien domination
Due to close proximity, the first was the South Indian invasion
Their warfare led to unstable political conditions
Finally, Magha’s arrival in 1235 and vast devastation
Was unbearable and heartbreaking beyond imagination
Royalty received a setback as never before
Their courage, strength and dignity were no more
When the consequent “Drift to the South West”
Left the kingdoms in utter confusion and unrest
Kingdoms and capitals were changed till
Kotte in 1415 was made the capital
Then came the nations of the far west
Natural resources and location were their attraction best
Completely alien in religion, language and culture
Changed the entire existing political structure
The nations, Portuguese, the Dutch and the British
Never wanted our culture to flourish
All three powers were after trade and commerce
The British in addition were keen on naval supremacy
A novel feature of this period at this stage
Was the pride of preserving the indigenous heritage
Their views were centred against colonial injustice
Which on the whole had a far reaching and deep influence
The country never tolerated alien rule
Hence all races were ready with heart and soul
Our galaxy of patriots’ struggle for independence
Wasn’t a rebellion or a revolution, but a heroic performance
The independence our national heroes did pioneer
Is celebrated annually with pomp and grandeur
Independence thus gained with great pleasure
Is the greatest gift we should preserve as a treasure
Petty differences bring about national decline
Unity, peace and prosperity should be the day’s headline
All Sri Lankans have a role to play
Dedication and devotion should be the order of the day

-Rupa Banduwardena