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Second Prize

 The latest book that I read is Innocence by Roald Dahl. It was first published by Penguin in 1984. It tells us about Roald Dahl’s life from childhood to adult life.

There five parts in this book. They are titled Boy, Taste, Galloping Foxley, The Landlady, and the Lucky Break. The Boy reveals Roald Dahl’s life story from his birth until his first job and his work as a British spy during Second World War.

One day Dahl’s family goes on a trip in their car which is driven by his ‘ancient half-sister’. While she is driving they meet with an accident and Dahl injures his nose. Read the novel to find out the rest of this interesting story.


Pasindu Anjana Weerakkody,

Grade 10,

Royal International School,