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Child prodigy showcases his talents

Ten-year-old Indrajith Prabhaswara Karunanayake is a child prodigy. From age three, he had displayed unique talents. He is studying at Sooriya Pradeepa school, Kadawatha, which has only a handful of students. About two years ago, Rupavahini to the surprise of its viewers showcased his talents when as a three-year-old child, he identified countries correctly on the world map. Bringing honour to his school and the country, at large, Prabhaswara has set three world records.

The Principal of his school, Prasad Kirigama said, “Prabhaswara is the apple of the eye to all because of his inborn talents”.

This school was on the verge of being closed. With Prabhaswara, the school began to get a new lease of life.

When Prabhaswara’s father, a computer Engineer came to know that the Principal was determined to develop the school, he volunteered to admit Prabhaswara to the school.

At an exhibition at the pre-school, surpassing other children’s creations, Prabhaswara made a telescope and a speaker and explained how they worked.

“This prompted me to introduce chess to the school. Within a very short spell, Prabhaswara, to the wonder of all, excelled in chess and won medals at two international chess competitions representing the school,” Principal Kirigama said.

“Today, nobody can beat Prabhaswara in chess. The child has posed a challenge to his chess teacher. He quickly assimilates his lessons leaving no room for the teacher to further test his knowledge, he said.

“When he was barely eight months old, he began to read. At times, he meditated.

He is gifted with a unique ability to grasp anything and everything promptly. We made an application for a world record in 2015. He won two world records,” said his father Kaminda, and his mother, a Chartered Accountant.

Prabhaswara closely follows English programs on the internet.

As a year one student, he had read all books authored by Arthur C. Clerk

Prabhaswara, being the first youngest science fiction writer, set a world record. When he was in year one at school, he became the first to pen a book of verses setting another world record. He continued to write books as he advanced in his studies in the primary classes.

Prabhaswara has developed a curious taste to study cells. Now, he reads GCE (A/L) biology text books. He followed an on-line-cell biology diploma course conducted by Harvard University. He is also interested in stories about aliens and the location of planets, Prabhaswara’s mother said.

His teacher said, “Sometimes, the 5th standard scholarship examination may be too ‘difficult’ for him as his knowledge is far ahead of the prescribed standard, but we may get him to sit the examination.

However, he would sit the GCE (O/L) examination next year as he has acquired adequate knowledge of its subjects. Eventually, he may do a PhD degree as well.

Everybody, including his parents, teachers and all near and dear have focused on Prabhaswara and his glittering future.